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  1. I don’t mind if the characters of one book show up as side characters in the next but I do like my books being standalones. That way I can read the story of how couples meet from the beginning not having to worry I need to read the previous books first. I feel like with trilogies there’s always unnecessary drama. And cliffhangers are a huge no-no for me. It also sucks if you accidentally buy a book that is second in the trilogy. That way you have to buy the first and there’s a chance it’s not available anymore for purchase.
    I don’t mind the recipes 🙂 I like recipes for lunch ideas because I never know what to cook 😀

  2. I love the series books and love following the characters however I do like standalones as well. I love your recipes and am hoping to make the Strawberry Shortcake recipe. Thank you.

  3. I do enjoy series. It is like catching up with old friends as the series progresses. If they get too long, I lose interest. I do enjoy recipes.

    • I enjoy a series but I prefer stand alone. Once I read a book, I need to know about the other characters so then I have to buy all the other books.

      I could do without the recipes.

  4. 1. I love a series that is interconnected with the rest of the books in the series but also that can be read as stand alone. My pet peeve is cliffhangers at the end of the book

    2. I love the recipes you put in the newsletter. I may not like some of them myself but I have found a few that I like or a family member would like.

  5. I love a series that follows a family, but they should be stand-alone in case someone picks one up in the middle. For example, I love The Beach House series by Mary Alice Monroe.
    I like that you include family recipes! Keep up what you’re doing. I enjoy your newsletters.

  6. 1. I so love series. Sometimes I love short series and sometimes I love longer series. A lot depends on the author and the subject. I do love a series where I can follow along with the characters and watch them grow and learn. I also love series where each book is stand alone.
    2. I do love to see recipes on a newsletter. I have to be careful now that I do mostly gluten free. Oh the joys of getting older. LOL
    I do enjoy your newsletters. Thank you.

  7. I enjoy reading books in series. It allows me to get to know the characters more deeply. I am grateful for stand alones too though because sometimes I just want a lighter experience. I enjoy your recipes; it’s always interested me to see what other people enjoy eating!

  8. I love to read a series. I like the familiar characters. I don’t like cliffhangers. I don’t cook but I look at the recipes to see if it is something i would eat. Thanks for the chance.

  9. 1) I’m pretty indifferent about the series vs. stand-alones debate. I see the pros and cons about both sides of the argument. If I’m invested in a storyline/character(s), then reading a series is awesome. If I want to bounce around and try different authors or different storylines, I’m not able to do so if it’s a series because I will have missed important things, jumping into the middle of one or if I read just the first book, they usually end on a cliffhanger. Personally speaking, I enjoy reading a series that isn’t necessarily connected to the others in the series or doesn’t have to be read in a certain order. But having said that, if I’m invested in the characters/setting/storyline, then I’m totally there for the entire series.

    2) I love the family recipes that you include in your newsletters and I do try some of them for myself or my family! You should definitely keep them coming!! What I love most about authors’ newsletters, the ones that actually engage with us readers, is getting to know you, your life, your motivations for writing and your workspace. Where do you prefer to write or even read? Is there a certain process you use, for example, do you physically write it first or do you old-school type it out?

    Thank you so much for the chance!!

  10. Yes, keep the recipe feature in the newsletter.

    I read series but I want only 4 in the series. Sometimes, if there are too many you can’t find them all to read.

    It doesn’t matter if they are stand alones

  11. I love a series and it doesn’t matter if they are closely connected or standalones. I don’t like when character change physical characteristics from one story to another. For example, the hero has blue eyes through most of the book and suddenly they turn brown. Or when the characters are related and the ages get twisted from one story to the next.

    I enjoy the recipes you post and am looking forward to trying the strawberry shortcake. Have a great day.

  12. I love recipies!

    Cliffhangers are evil and authors who use them without plenty of warning have earned an eternity stuck in Chuck E Cheeses birthday party with children suffering from a stomach bug – oh and no adult beverages around. Yess I have strong feelings of hatred towards cliffys.

    That said, I love series that are interconnected. HOWEVER, each story has to be able to work as a standalone.

  13. I like series books that can also be read as stand alones. And I like having recipes in newsletters and enjoy seeing pics of author’s pets.

  14. I Love series and standalones and I also love the recipes in the newsletter!