Emily leading Tucker

Jean Brashear and Roxanne at a booksigning in Reno
Jean Brashear and Roxanne at an RT Booksigning event in Orlando

1995 RWA Conference, Hawaii, after the Awards Ceremony. Judy Roemerman, Roxanne, and inspirational author Lyn Cote
1995 RWA Conference, Hawaii. Judy Roemerman, Roxanne, and inspirational author Lyn Cote

Governer’s Inaugeration–Literacy Event, Booksigning at the State Capitol
Booksigning at the Governor’s Inaugural Literacy Event, in the State Capitol Library, 2002

Andy, our oldest son

Our son Brian and my husband, on the Snake River in Wyoming–where Brian worked as a river guide during college.

Our daughter Emily

Roxanne at literacy fundraiser booksigning at a RWA national conference in Dalla

From left to right–me, Kylie Brant, Leigh Michaels, Cindy Gerard, and Victoria Alexander–when we were speakers at a Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska Library workshop

When everyone was young. I miss those days!!
When everyone was young.I miss those days!!

Bella and Maggie
Bella and Maggie

Cinder–who starred in Lone Star Legacy (9-07) under the name Viper.
Cinder–who starred in Lone Star Legacy (9-07) under the name Viper.

Emily on Sissy. and Brian on Smokey
Emily on Sissy and Brian on Smokey. Brrrrr!

Elmo–our pound puppy –a 2007 addition to the family

Great grandma and Benjamin
My mother and her great-grandson


My office…and Harold
My office…and Harold

Tucker–who needs to be on a diet!

Fall colors 2007…our barn and pasture
Fall colors 2007–our backyard and pastures

Andy–taking it slow and easy on the Jet Ski
Andy-taking it slow and easy on the Jet-Ski

Brian–in the Tetons
Brian-while working as a river raft guide on the Snake River in the Tetons

Smokey–35 years old and going strong. He was Brian’s biggest Christmas present (literally!)  in 1990, when Brian was eight years old.

Milo, who loves to pounce on passers-by

Cabo San Lucas, 2009: That little dot up there is Roxanne!  =:0

Emily on Sissy

Andy on Tucker

Sunset after a storm- 2010 (looking out over our pastures)

Emily on Sissy

Ketchikan  rain forest–trip to Alaska May/June 2010

North Shore of Lake Superior, Minnesota–our favorite fall destination

Susie QT  Streke—new addition to the barn, 11-2010

4/2010  trip to Arizona:  I took this photo of a mother hummingbird feeding its chick  near Tucson with a 15X digital.2010  Cancun –at the Selvatica Zipline Adventure–fabulous experience!  Felt like soaring over the tree tops in the Mayan jungle.  The photos of us dangling from the zipline aren’t that flattering 🙂  but on the ground,  we got to hold these beautiful birds!


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  1. Hi Ms. Rustand!

    I just finished re-reading a couple of your titles and enjoyed them (again) so much. I saw your blogspot address at the end of the book and decided to stop in for a few minutes. I’m glad I did; I enjoyed reading about your real life escapades, seeing vacation photos and even a couple of the family critters that made their way into some of your books (critter…Kentucky dialect for furry friends, perticularly of the wild variety that make their way into the family). ;o)

    I look forward to your next novel and hopefully (prayerfully), you will see one of mine in a bookstore someday! :o)

    Blessings to you,


    • Thank you for your lovely note. I’m so glad that you stopped by, and hope you will be back again! Best wishes to you on your own writing! Let me know how every thing goes for you, and when you have a book for sale. I will be sure to look for it!


  2. Hi Roxanne!
    Beautiful pictures! I am happy to see you have new books I haven’t read yet. I am looking forward to reading another book of yours….you have yet to write a book that isn’t great! Your cousin, Tammy

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