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  1. My special memories of the summer will be of the time spent with my family on our staycation, playing miniature golf, visiting the beach, going to the movies, attending independent league baseball games, and outlet shopping.
    My title suggestions are as follows:
    #1 Danger Lurks
    #2 Danger Ignites
    #3 Danger in the Mountains
    #4 Danger in the Rapids
    #5 Danger in Disguise
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter a contest.
    Blessings to you!

  2. To answer your questions:
    1. I will have a special memory of celebrating my grandfather’s 99th birthday this summer. He still lives on his own and is just amazing! We celebrated with all his neighbors. It’s inspiring how they look out for each other!
    2. I think Danger is always good, but it is used a lot. Maybe use treacherous or precarious or conflict.

  3. This will always be a special summer for me. We were are our summer home when our son proposed to his girlfriend and are now planning their wedding. We just love her and can’t wait to see them build their life together. 1. Danger Ahead, 2. Danger Fire 3. Danger heights 4. Danger Guide 5 Danger Cowboy

  4. Just having more freedoms that we once took for granted makes these times special.


  5. time with family

    1. danger upon them
    2. dangerous fires
    3. dangerous criminal
    4. danger on the run
    5. dangerous protection

  6. I have two special memories from this summer. First we were introduced to a beautiful serene local Arboretum through friends that we haven’t been able to spend time with during the pandemic. We walked for hours in total peace then enjoyed a light lunch in the on site’s mansion all while enjoying the company of our good friends. Then we payed it forward by inviting and introducing another couple to join us for a wonderful morning and lunch. They were as thrilled as we were to find a safe environment to put all our troubles aside and enjoy nature. The other more special memory was celebrating, with our daughter’s family, our son’s birthday who sadly passed away 2 years ago. We were able to all be together for a bittersweet day while sharing a meal, fond memories that made us smile, cry and laugh and to make sure our son is never, ever forgotten. And of course his favorite ice cream birthday cake!
    1. Danger in Pursuit. 2. Blazing Danger. 3. Danger in Hiding. 4. Raging Danger. 5. Country Danger

  7. Yes! To the first question ?
    In celebration of my birthday, we went zip lining with the whole family-six of us! It was fun!!!
    Perils of Pursuit – Book #1
    Perils of Fire – Book #2
    Perils of Violence – Book #3
    Perils of Running – Book #4
    Perils in Hiding – Book #5