Foggy mornings, pumpkin spice, flank steak and horses on the loose — 10 Comments

  1. Do you have a special memory from childhood—one that still makes you smile? Going fishing with my dad. I miss those days. We had such a good time and he loved to fish.2. Do you prefer covers with just pretty objects or scenery? Or a cover with a couple? Or either a woman OR a man? Does this make a difference as to whether or not you will go on to read the back cover?I like covers with pretty scenery but it doesn’t really make a difference to read it. I depend on the description

  2. 1) I have lots of great memories from my childhood, but I think one special one was when my sister and I road in the back of a pickup truck (with a topper on) from Michigan to Texas to visit relatives. There may have been a lot of bickering, but there was also a lot of bonding and memories made during that long ride. My parents vowed never to take that long of a ride with kids ever again.2) I prefer covers with a couple on them.

  3. My favorite memory is going fishing with my dad. We would spend the whole day out on the river in his boat just fishing. I haven’t been fishing in years.I prefer pretty scenery on the covers but also like them with a couple on them. I will check out either of them.

  4. A special memory from my childhood was a cut-out cake that I desired above all else, shaped like a house and decorated with candies. My mother made if for me on my 6th birthday with tornado warnings going off and high humidity causing frosting mayhem. She thought it was a disaster. To this day it is my favorite birthday because of that cake. I suppose my favorite covers have an element of mystery that draws me in, with or without people.

  5. I can still clearly remember learning to ride a bicycle. It was a woman’s bike and I was about 7. I had to stand so that I could use the pedals. I hugged a fence and held on to the fence to steady myself. Surprisingly it did not take too long before I was in full flight. I did eventually grow into the bike. I love landscapes on covers and portraits. Paintings are a great favorite.

  6. I still have a good remembrance when I was little my mom and dad stop at a park late in the summer and all of us went on the swings, slides, etc. It was a nice summer night. ‘For book covers I prefer a picture or scene with something that the book is about.

  7. Every summer all of the grandkids went to my paternal grandparents lake front property and spent weeks there. There were quite a few of us and god bless my grandmother for being able to wrangle all of us. We all loved it and still talk about it to this day. Swimming, playing in the woods, sports, bikes, you name it. We called it Camp Swampy.

  8. As a budding artist I won many art awards in school A special one was the Freshman Art award in high school…special because there were so many other students who qualified for the award. I prefer book covers with scenery and animals on them. Especially horses and dogs. My friends know I will read ANY book that has a horse on the cover. It does influence whether I read the back cover blurb.

  9. My favorite memory is spending time with my family in Michigan in a cottage along the lake. There was little connivence store store where would get ice cream, such fun times. I prefer book covers with a couple on it to get a feel for the h/H.