The Old Horse Trader….. — 8 Comments

  1. I love finding fellow horse owners! I read your guest blog at RWTTD and was intrigued by your pet blog. Thanks.

  2. We used to enjoy driving along one of the roads in our area because of the several stables to be found there. The children enjoyed "visiting" the horses. Each stable
    had several horses that were lodged there,
    so there was much to see. Then progress happened to the area. As the progress
    progressed, there were fewer horses. Today there is only one stable with some eight or ten horses left. I'm so sad!

    Pat Cochran

  3. GunDiva, I am intrigued by your name! 🙂 Thanks for coming over to check out this blog. IO hope you'll come back–or sign up, so you can catch the new posts when they appear.

    Pat–yep, times have changed. The area I grew up in, west of the Twin Cities, offered miles of quiet gravel roads, and unfenced timber to ride through. Hennepin County had the second highest horse population in the USA then, behind a county in California. Now, the city extends for forty plus miles past my old stomping grounds. Sad to see that way of life go, in the area….though now, I live in the country, and there are lots of horses in the area. This truly does feel like home!

  4. Speaking of needing to proof posts…
    I have signed up as a follower and have enjoyed reading some of your past posts.

    The name came from when I was working at a gun shop and shooting defensive pistol competitively. I love to shoot any discipline and the name seemed to fit. 🙂

  5. I am impressed. Competitive shooting–wow! And your job must have been really interesting. Did you ever have customers who made you feel a little leery about their intentions for the weapons they bought?

  6. Really, we didn't have a lot of what my daughter would call "creepers"; if they were, we exercised our right not to sell to them. I can only think of one person who fit the creeper role and he was so stoned he probably doesn't even remember coming in the shop. What made the most nervous were the men who'd come in and want to buy a gun for their wives – a gun's no good for protection unless the person is willing to use it, and most of these women were not. I wasn't a very good salesmen because I talked a lot of men out of buying guns for their wives. LOL. I'd tell them to bring their wives in and then we'd find a gun that would fit her hand and her needs. Only had a couple men actually bring back their wives.

  7. Thats so interesting. You'd think the men would realize that there'd need to be a good fit. Makes you wonder if there would have been TWO incompetent people handle those weapons, then!