Horses, kids, and hot summer days…. — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Roxanne-
    Sounds like you had a great horse. I also had a welsh/quarter cross, who was probably 25 years old and the most stubborn horse I ever rode. We would be galloping across the field, and because he felt like it, he would just stop. I flew over his neck and landed on my head more than once. He didn't last long in our barn.
    My other favorite summer memories were going to the fair with our 4-H animals. I raised rabbits, goats, guide dogs, and sheep (though I didn't show them all every year). All the work of the year before was worth it when I paraded around the show ring, or stood behind my rabbits. Fun times!!
    Thanks for sharing your memory. Sounds awful, but funny now!

  2. I was in 4-H too..from the age of nine until I was too old to stay. Maybe 18? I don't remember, now. I was SO proud of my first, white (grin) ribbon with my old horse. Didn't have a trailer then, so I'd ridden three miles to the fairground. Had no clue yet about fitting a horse for show.

    How cool that you got to show all of those animals! And guide dogs–wow! What breed were they? Did you ever see them again after they were placed? I'd love to hear more. What a wonderful, giving person you were to do that!

    And hugs on the horse hitting the brakes….my son's Frisky did that more than a few times!

  3. For me, summer was armloads of books from the
    library, a quilt, a cold drink and me. You
    could find us out under the trees across from
    our house, reading and listening to the breeze
    rustling through the leaves. This was in the
    mid-1940s, when no one would bother you, except perhaps the pesky little neighbor boys!

    Pat Cochran

  4. My summer memories consisted of family vacation. For a solid week we drove site seeing. Daddy had a US map and tried to cover as many states as possible. We went East saw Cape Cod, Boston,Williamsburg. South to New Orleans, Tenn & Kentucky. North Mid west to Ill., Minn & Wisc. Another year to Col. & S.D which I absolutely LOVED! I'm lucky because after I got married my old husband in 35 yr took me out of state only twice so I'm left with only childhood memories.

  5. Loved this blog! I didn't get my first horse until I was 36, so all of my youth horse memories center around my friends' horses. My friend Ali had a persnickity little pony who did the put on the brakes thing and dumped me into a yucca plant. Not a good time. And my other friend Stacey had a flea-bitten grey who hauled us all oveer the mountains and town. My mom got in trouble with our neighbors for allowing Stacey to ride her horse over to visit and turning her loose in our back yard. We were clearly not living in the country anymore! My mom just laughed at the neighbor and told them that the horse was just visiting and fertilizing the yard *grin*. It was the last we heard of it.

  6. What fun summer memories! SuzyQ, your dad sounds like mine. Dad loved to travel. Literally as soon as we got home, he was planned the next road trip.

    GunDiva, OUCH over the yucca plant! Ponies are SO crafty, aren't they? I think they're genetically programmed to know the hit-the-brakes-and-make-children-fly routine.

    I had a friend who often rode double with me, back in grade school. We went all over our half of the county. And the adventures….oh, my. If I thought MY kids were doing some of those crazy things, they would have been grounded for life! 🙂

    Val and Pat, my summers were books and horses. Often, a combination–I'd go out to the barn,lay on my stomach on top of the horse and prop my book on its rear. Perfect place to read all the Black Stallion books. 🙂

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!