Prepared in advance…by a very special dog — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Connie,
    Thank goodness the dog had you. I’m glad you turned that situation into a good one for the dog, you and your family. You’re a great MOM!

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Gail. I’m not sure I’m the one who turned it around as much as I believe God designed it to be just what it was. He knew all parties would benefit if He just put them together.

  3. Wonderful message! (I’m stuck with my sister’s dog at the moment too but now I can feel grateful that I don’t need to give her shots!) I guess it’s okay to keep trying to prepare ourselves for things as long as we leave ourselves open to the preparation God already has in the works. But I wish we could recognize it sooner!

    • Kate, funny about the dog. I am dog-sitting for my good friend right now as well. He was dropped off the morning this post ran. Not shots, though. Phew!!! It would be nice if we could look at our struggles and be anxiously anticipating the good that would come from them rather than complaining about them. Unfortunately, the first week I had the dog, I called my sister and complained about all the stuff she destroyed. I know better now.

  4. I loved this blog – especially the picture of your son with the dog. I never wanted a dog either but my youngest daughter did. That dog protected me completely. If I was near him, no one could go near him. Yet he was friendly as long as I was inside. See I have rhuemotoid arthritis. He kept the coyotes and everything else from our outside.
    I no longer have him but thus began my need for a dog. I grew up scared of dogs – big or little.
    No I have a huge dog, Chester – part Saint Bernard and German Shepherd mix. He is my teddy bear. I love him to pieces.
    I would not be without an outside dog at all.
    So I understand

    • Jane, Wow, what wonderful friends you’ve had in your dogs. You’d think I’d be afraid of them since I was attacked by one as a two-year-old. But that was one dog and I did not know how to act around them at that age. God gave me my wonderful Akita at a time I needed a friend as well. She gave me so much more than I could fit in the space above. And His timing was perfect–as always!

  5. What a wonderful blog post, Connie. I’m so glad you came by to share it with us, and hope you will come again soon!