Lawn mowers, Highland Cattle and the Pied Piper — 6 Comments

  1. I enjoyed the post about Highland cattle. It’s interesting that they have “unique personalities”. I’d hate to have one of them mad at me!

    • Hi Vicki, Thanks for stopping by. I can’t remember any time that the cows got mad. A cow might try to protect her calf. If one of them was acting up or refusing to go back into their pasture, I would bonk it on the forehead with my fist. That usually got its attention. I was intimidated by them at first, but it didn’t take long for me to get the upper hand. Biggest problem was when they’d all break out and trying to herd them was pretty impossible. I’d try to circle them on our 4-wheeler ATV and get them to move towards the barn, and they would break out of the circle and run in different directions. Enticing them with a bucket of grain or cow candy was usually effective.

  2. LOL – too funny, I can just picture it. I am sure I told you, Sunni, that one time you and Jim were in town and I was on the ranch with Jim’s dad and the cows got into the rhubarb patch. “Grandpa” told me to get some “cow candy” and hold it up in the air and they would follow me. Sure enough, they followed me all the way inside the corral , of course, they still could get out somewhere but for the time being the leader of the group was happily munching on “Dessert”. (I must admit that those huge horns following right behind me was a scary feeling – what amazed me is that they did not try to knock me down to get the “candy”. )

    • I know, Betty. Their horns were very intimidating. They were basically gentle cattle. I can remember them all stampeding towards me as I stood with a bucket of grain. I was sure they would run right over me, but they always stopped within a couple of feet from me.

  3. My brother also has an active imagination! But he did have those highlanders, and his license to tell tales is only exceeded by what all the farm animals actually did! We all enjoyed those “farmin’ years” and it was good for our 2 boys to grow up around them. My favorite animal? hmmm, dogs, chickens, sheep and cows!!!

    • Not our highlanders, Sue? LOL! I got quite attached to them. The pigs and chickens, I could take or leave. They were raised for meat, and to sell, and that was it. I did love our horses. Our various dogs, Parry, Maverick, Chester, were part of the family. I miss them all.