I am so thrilled!! Come meet the new member in our family! — 28 Comments

  1. We have a rescue named Roxy. She came with the name, but was old enough to where it would have been hard to teach her a new one. She already had issues so we didn’t want to add another. I write about her and post pictures on my fb page, always referring to her as Roxyrescue.

    I love that you’re asking for names. I’d like to throw this one thing in, though. You obviously love and understand dogs. Something tells me this incredible boy will name himself once he gets home. It will come naturally to you all.

    So happy for your family. I appreciate you even more than I already did. Talent plus a caring heart. What a great combination.

    • I think you are absolutely right. When we adopted our border collie, his name was Elmo, and we tried and tried to get him to respond to a different name, but he was totally imprinted on Elmo. So that is who he is! 🙂

    • What lovely names! I wavered for a long time over Taffy…but as I commented above, it because pretty clear that Sarge wasn’t going to consider anything much different from his original name. So we ended up with Sage–which he responds to, and which I like. Though my husband maintains that it’s a girl name. 🙂

    • Gosh–everyone is coming up with such cool names. I wish I could go back and adopt some more of those dogs at the shelter, but my hubby says NO. Over holidays we have three big grandpups here, and he says its a full house!

    • Love these too! Especially Bo…but then I wondered if the dogs would be confused with a Bo and an Elmo. Cute names!

  2. We have a black lab that we named Reno Raines Tweet. We adopted him from the Humane Society when he was about 7 weeks old. That was 13.5 years ago. He can’t hear, his eyesight is going, but he’s still our old man puppy boy and he’s not ready to go yet.
    On December 23, 2013 we adopted Trixie Belden Tweet from Secondhand Hounds. She came from a hoarding situation. She hid all her food and treats for months. She is the apple of my eye! She weighs 7.9 pounds and is a Yorkie/Australian Terrier mx. She has to be on my lap, she sleeps under the covers between my husband and me lol, and she takes care of Reno. When he forgets that he’s supposed to come in the house after taking care of business, Trixie runs out and herds him in. When I have to put in his ear drops, she covers his face with kisses. My husband thinks our dogs rescued us. When Reno goes to heaven, and yes I believe they do (my brother the pastor backs me up lol) we’ll head for the shelters and start searching for our next forever family member. After all, we still need a Nancy Drew Tweet and a Frank and Joe Hardy Tweet!

    • I love the rescue place name Secondhand Hounds! So sweet! And I loved hearing about your dogs, and how Trixie takes care of her buddy. Dogs are just so smart, and caring.

      And I loved hearing about the dogs in heaven–I want to believe that, too. There was a cartoon not long ago of a grizzled old guy outside of St Peter’s gate, and a little dog leaping up with joy by St Peter’s feet. And Saint Peter looks down at the old man and says, “So you’re little Bobby. Scamp has been been telling us about you for decades!” I loved that cartoon!

  3. Oh, I’m jealous. He is gorgeous. We always get shelter dogs. Like you, our beloved Akita/Chow cross passed on (at a ripe old age) a year ago last fall. Our local shelters seem to cater only in smaller dogs, alas. We’ve been looking for a bigger, farm dog, as we live on a ranch. Anyway–I’ve never had a Golden, so I don’t know what their personality tends to be like. I wouldn’t hazard to name him without knowing whether he’s energetic or laid back.

    • So nice to hear from you, Cathy. Goldens are very gentle,sweet dogs–wonderful with kids. But I don’t think they’d ever be good at herding!

    • That is so cute! I ended up going with Sage–something that was suggested on my Facebook profile ( but I really love the Wonder Pup as the second half of his name, so you are a winner! Please click the Contact Me button at the top right of this page, so I can arrange to get your prizes to you!

  4. It usually takes us a few days to figure out a new name for our shelter adoptees. Houdini got his name when he vanished up into the drop ceiling. Mia got hers when she disappeared (Missing In Action) and we couldn’t find her for a day. Tabatha Pink Toe (a.k.a. The Fat Little Girl in the Fur Pantaloons) was so-named because of one little pink toe she had. Then there was ToyBoy and Scootie and Pandora (the Paw of Destruction). The list goes on…

    How about Eos (End of Snow) or Bos (Beginning of Spring) [yes, my mind is on the weather lately]. Bunson (he’s a lab, right?), Spring (he was sprung out of the jail) … I’m sure exactly the right name will come to you after you spend a bit of time with him. Lucky boy!

    • I love the names of your pets and how they came about. So cute!

      And Bunson would be so cool for a lab! If I ever have a lab, I hope I will remember that name! 🙂

  5. I think his name should be either Samson or Charming (short for Prince Charming because he has the most charming little face! You could even just call him Prince!!!) 🙂

    • The first day I had him, this pup was such a bulldozer, so strong–dragging me everywhere and really wild. Our daughter actually thought of Samson, too! Great minds think alike! But we couldn’t get him to listen to anything that wasn’t close to his old name, so we ended up with Sage instead of Sarge. Loved your ideas, though!

  6. He looks like a Jake (Jacob) or a Lazzie (Lazarus; after all, he got a second chance at life!). 🙂

    • What a cool idea—Lazarus, for a rescue dog…and a play on the name Lassie, too. Cute! And I really like the name Jake. I’ve named at least two of my heroes Jake over the course of thirty books!

  7. While living in FL for many years we wanted to get a dog but my sister was allergic. We researched and found out about Bichon Frises and fell in love with one that we named Snoopy. 2 years later I got married and soon after we got Lucy. Then after Lucy had her first litter we came across Pepper (Peppermint Patty…sensing a theme?? 🙂 )
    After I got divorced we moved back up to Jersey and had a friend of the family that had her 2 pure bred dogs, a Pug and a Chihuahua, that managed to get together to produce PUA’s or CHUGS which ever you prefer. He chose his name…Luke.
    Fast forward 11 years and my sister, now an attorney, declared that she was going to find a Bichon through a rescue site…and she did. As of 8/2013 we added Pepper, (yes Peppermint Patty the 2nd) to our family. She came to us very reserved and scared as she had been a puppy mill dog. But much to our delight (and our Mom’s surprise Luke taught pepper about being house broken, going outside and using puppy pads when inside. She has been such a blessing to our family.
    So as far as a name for your new pup…start reading names from the bible and see what he responds to. You could have a Luke 🙂

    • What fun to hear about your dogs. I love the Snoopy family of names you have used. So cute! And how lucky for Pepper that she finally ended up in a good home. Puppy mills are a terrible place to be.

  8. Our beloved Jack Russell Terrier Zeke left us last Friday, and we’re missing him a lot. He started out as Ezekiel (my son named him, as the puppy was his birthday gift that year) but we soon shortened it to Zeke. It just seemed to fit him, and it was easier to shout out when calling him inside! This fellow looks like he could be a Zeke, but as others have said, he may name himself when you get him home. Best wishes to you and your new puppy!

    • I am so very, very sorry to hear about the loss of your Zeke. Our dogs are family and love us unconditionally, and it is so heartbreaking when they leave us. I hope you will find a new dog someday.

  9. beautiful new pet, My name is Rusty using part of your last name and then the color of dog….Good luck

    • Paula, when I was growing up, we had goldens, and two of them were named Rusty. They were the rich dark, old time color, and it fit them perfectly. What a coincidence!