Canine Critters …by Stephanie Grace Whitson — 4 Comments

  1. This sounds like a wonderful read!
    I have loved several fur babies through the years. All with their own personalities. I currently have a Dachshund, Shaylee who is six years young today! She brings a lot of love and laughter into my life. I love watching her wrap herself around a chair leg and chase her tail! She thinks that she is pretty sneaky at bed. Waits till I get under the covers, looks at me from the corner of her eye and pounces to me and gives kisses, then curls under the blankets with me. I also have a rough collie, Macree who has turned 12 years young on the 15th of this month. I have trained him as my service dog. He is up in age and I wont have him much longer. Vet has all ready warned me it can be any time. He is a great friend and many tears will be shed. I hope that some day you can have another fur baby. They love you unconditionally and accept you as you are. Great forever friends with lots of love. Blessings to you and yours,

    • Your “fur babies” sound wonderful, Wendy. As it happens, I just wrote an e-mail to a rough collie breeder last night … but I haven’t sent it yet. I’m going to make myself wait a week. A puppy is a big investment of time and love and I want to make sure I’m ready to make it. Thanks so much for chiming in.

  2. Yes, Stephanie, our furry canine friends are models of unconditional love! During the last eighteen years, having moved from the city to ranch, we have seen many dogs who were abused and dumped. At one time, we had 11 such animals, all sweet critters, all just wanting some love and food! Over the years, we’ve had small dogs as inside dogs. We had a Bischon for over 16 years before we sadly had to allow her to pass on. Maddie was my shadow. She especially stuck to me whenever I was ill. More than once, she followed my husband up to retire for the night; I followed later. When I arrived at my side of the bed, Maddie was sleeping, her head in the middle of my pillow. When I attempted to move her over a bit, she growled at me!!! So funny! She never growled at me otherwise! Loved that precious creature!! We now have a precious Havanese, Tula, who has her humans very well trained! Just as Maddie, Tula loves to sleep between us, with her head on a pillow! We are down to four outside (spend some time inside and have their individual houses in a heated and air-conditioned garage) dogs who are all ruled by Tula!! We LOVE our four-legged critters!

    • What a cool animal-mom you are, Bonnie. Isn’t it amazing how sometimes the little ones rule the roost, too. Physical size has little to do with their courage. Some of the tiniest dogs have the biggest personalities.