Dogs, kids and a life in Texas by Caryl McAdoo — 4 Comments

  1. Wow! My Aunt Sharon Stephens told me about Caryl. They are in a writers group together. Then when my Aunt told me she had had book published I looked her up on FB. I guess the first thing that drew me to her was her strong faith and love for the Lord. So raw theses days to see someone who is not ashamed to proclaim and share that faith. Then her love for music.(I do love to sing Gods praises) And her love for her family,and now I see she has a great love for animals. And now she is living in the town I was born in.I hope to have the honer to meet this really neat author at her book signing in Texarkana April 5th. If you haven’t read her book Vow Unbroken. Do. You wont be disappointed.

  2. Hey Roxanne, just wanted to say thank you so much for having me at All Creatures Great and Small. I had so much fun sharing my Roo Dog! Blessings from Texas!

  3. Hey Donna! I’m so glad ‘Aunt Sharon’ told you I wrote! I’m so looking forward to the Texarkana when we can finally meet in person. We might just have to do some singing there – think anyone would object to a little praising God? Hugs from Clarksville, Texas! And thanks for your comment!

  4. Caryl – Loved Roo’s story and that you are his “chosen” family! I think he should have his own book series……