Author Leigh Bale Blogs about Wild Horses — 10 Comments

  1. Thanks so much for visiting the blog, Leigh! Your book sounds wonderful, and I love reading about wild horses. Best wishes!

  2. It must have been a wonderful growing up with wild horses! You’re book sound fascinating 🙂

    • Emily, sorry…maybe I’m making this too difficult. My email address is: Leigh@ (No spaces.) Thanks!

  3. Emily, it was fun to go out and view the mustangs with my father and husband. An unforgettable memory.

    AND…I’m delighted to announce that you are the first winner of an autographed copy of HEALING THE FOREST RANGER. If you wil send me an email with your mailing address, I’ll pop the book into the mail to you. Enjoy!

  4. Hello. It is neat to see horses in the wild. They are free and probably have a wild spirit that just flies with the wind. It would be a good site to see.

  5. Lucinda, I think because horses are a beautiful animal that can run, their manes and tails whipping in the wind, we find them so appealing. I suppose they are like any of God’s creatures…loving their freedom. 🙂

  6. My favorite horse is a black arabian and yes I have ridden a few times loved it too.I do not own a horse but love them and think they are beautiful..Thanks for your great stories..

  7. Hi Leigh 🙂
    Reading your blog tonight took me back in time. I too was blessed to grow up with horses in my life. Back in Germany, when I was but a young girl, I would ride bareback through the fields and farming pastures into the forest with my horse. It was a magical time, just he and I. The freedom of the ride and the bonding with the animal was just priceless. Here I was ontop of a magnificent and powerful animal, trusting him and becoming one as we rode …. it gave me time to think, time to just listen and time to love. I now live in Indiana, on a little over 2 acres in the countryside, but unfortunately not enough land to keep a horse. But my 2 crazy little critter dogs keep me laughing and give me an incredible amount of unconditional love ( which is the best kind of love if you ask me ). These days, I just close my eyes and I can feel what it was like back in the day on my horse, a time I will treasure until I die. Thank God for memories. And for books and writers like you ! I am looking forward to reading your book. I contribute yearly to the wild mustang fund for they need to be free and protected. They are but a wonderful example of God’s creatures here on earth. Keep on writing ! Hugs 🙂