Kiki Mama … author Collette Cameron — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Collette, I had two doxies while growing up. The first one Cinnamon was a free puppy my dad took me to Imnaha to pick up. She fit in my hands and was as wonderful a pet as you could want. Unfortunately, when Cinnamon was about two, while butchering a deer, Dad tossed a couple pieces of raw meat to her, like he did the Border Collie, and the next day she died. He was upset that his actions killed my Cinnamon. That summer when we went on our usual trip to California to visit my mom’s family, we checked every paper between NE Oregon and San Jose looking for a doxie that wasn’t too expensive. We ended up on the way home reading about one in Battleground, WA. We drove out of our way to see them and I walked away with Nutmeg. To my mom’s chagrin, Nutmeg lived to a long live, most of it with my mom and dad once I left home. She was not the same sweet dog that Cinnamon was and even had a bit of an evil streak to her, but she was still my dog.

    Good luck with your book!

  2. The details about Kiki made me weep. I, too, have always had dogs in my life, if not on my bed. As a child our Chesapeake Bay Retriever slept across my single bed–not much room for me. I’m more in favor of big dogs, Labs, Akitas, etc. We’ve had to put down an Akita (cancer) and a black Lab (also cancer) in recent years, and now have a pug, a yellow Lab and are about to get a golden retriever puppy. I’m a happy woman. Thanks for sharing about yours.

  3. I used to get the chicken jerky and duck jerky at Costco, and those came from China. I’m very lucky my dog wasn’t poisoned from eating it. I now get the wholesome toxin-free chicken jerky for dogs that Whole Foods sells.

    I’m so sorry for your loss. My husband’s family are all mini dachshund lovers and he grew up with them. We have a border-bully mix and she’s like a member of the family, our child. We understand how painful it is to lose a pet you love.