Summer days in the country…

The long, lazy days of summer are nearly over.  Can you believe it?  The drought here in Eastern Iowa (as well as much of the Midwest) has devastated crops and hayfields, and many farmers are now plowing under the corn that showed such promise this spring.  Yet, not far to the north, they’ve actually had too much rain. How has the summer been for you?

Here on our acreage out in the country we were blessed to have two good cuttings of hay for our horses so far, and with the predictions we’ve heard about $10/bale hay this winter, we are so thankful to have hay in the barn already!

Up around the house, we  chose to conserve water by not watering anything except for our flowers and vegetable garden, and our lawn was brittle and brown until the last two weeks.

Now that we’ve started to receive some rain again, the grass is green! Isn’t it amazing to see the resilience of nature?

This spring, my husband put it some new flower, herb  and vegetable beds.  The flowers are really starting to bloom, and the tomatoes are coming by the bushel!

Do you like to garden?  What are your favorite perennials?  Do you do any canning?  I’ve never tried canning vegetables, and my one attempt at applesauce was a messy disaster. Any ideas about what I can do with all of these tomatoes?  🙂

Wishing you a wonderful end to the summer!


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