Dogs, kids and a life in Texas by Caryl McAdoo

Guest blogger Caryl McAdoo

Thank you, Roxanne, for inviting me to All Creatures Great and Small. I love the name of your blog and have always–since I can remember–loved animals! I once told my husband Ron that at any gift-giving occasion, he’d always get a gold star if my present was breathing! How easy am I? So this is just a special treat for me!

From horses to dwarf goats and hamsters to hedgehogs, if it’s a warm blooded pet, I probably have had at least one. But choosing which to share with y’all today posed no problem; must be Franklin Doganor ‘ROO’sevelt, my role model for the loveable Blue Dog in my new historical Christian romance VOW UNBROKEN. Now the question is, can I tell Roo’s story in 500 words or less?

Roo keeping warm on front porchGod led husband Ron and me to move from Dallas County where we’d lived fifty-eight years northeast to Red River County in March 2008. This dog showed up the second or third day. He followed the boys walking home from getting off the school bus. We’re rearing four grandsons, and they all begged to keep him.

Though in Texas March is generally mild and warm, the weather went crazy and snowed. The boys tented a chair, made the dog a warm bed under it on the porch, fed and watered him. We named him Franklin Doganor ‘Roo’sevelt (to go with my toy Pomeranian Sir ‘WINSTON’ Churchdog), and all fell in love with Roo. He was such a great dog, even

Roowogoathelped herd my dwarf Nigerian goats after they free grazed back to the barn.

After about a week, a neighbor rode up on his 4-wheeler and introduced himself. “Nice to meet y’all, but that’s my dog.”

“Okay.” My husband nodded. The boys’ smiles turned upside down as O’Pa continued. “We thought he was a stray.”

So the man tried to load him up. “Come on, Rocky.” He patted the seat, but Roo wouldn’t get aboard. The man tried to convince us his dog loved riding the 4-wheeler, but finally resorted to lifting Roo onto the ATV and took him home. In no time, the dog came right back. The neighbor came three or four times to retrieve him over the next few days. We’d hear Roo barking and howling. Once he came back dragging a chewed off rope dangling from a new collar.

Franklin Doganore RooseveltThe man finally gave him to us. We offered to pay, but he said no. Roo chose us of his own accord, and was truly a wonderful, smart animal, so that’s who I fashioned my hero’s Blue Dog after. As a matter of fact, that’s our Roo on the front cover of VOW UNBROKEN! How much fun is that?!? I LOVE it.

It so happened that the graphic artist Kirk DouPonce at DogEared Design was commissioned for VOW UNBROKEN’s cover. He found me on Facebook and messaged to ask about my story and characters. I sent him a long email and toward its end, told him about Blue Dog and his big role in the story. I attached Roo’s photo to show him what Blue looked like. The first time I saw the cover, I squealed, thrilled to see our Roo there. Almost as excited as when my agent, Mary Sue Seymour, called to tell me Howard Books had made an offer on  VOW UNBROKEN back in October 2012. But neither of those events compare to holding the actual book in my hands! I have to carry it with me now everywhere I go like a newborn baby,  except from its conception to its release March 4th was twenty-two months!

VowUnbroken2ndCOVER I’m so blessed and honored that God gave me this story to minister His love to His children. It’s set in 1832 Texas—Red River County, our new home so rich with history. Matter of fact, Susannah Baylor, my heroine, lives on the very same 916 acres we McAdoos do today.

 Here is an Amazon link for Caryl’s new book:   Vow Unbroken: A Novel


Thank you again, and bless you!

Hey readers, you may have noticed we like unique names for our pets. What unique names have you named a pet?  Bless all y’all, too, and thanks for your comments!


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4 Responses to Dogs, kids and a life in Texas by Caryl McAdoo

  1. Donna Lentz says:

    Wow! My Aunt Sharon Stephens told me about Caryl. They are in a writers group together. Then when my Aunt told me she had had book published I looked her up on FB. I guess the first thing that drew me to her was her strong faith and love for the Lord. So raw theses days to see someone who is not ashamed to proclaim and share that faith. Then her love for music.(I do love to sing Gods praises) And her love for her family,and now I see she has a great love for animals. And now she is living in the town I was born in.I hope to have the honer to meet this really neat author at her book signing in Texarkana April 5th. If you haven’t read her book Vow Unbroken. Do. You wont be disappointed.

  2. Caryl McAdoo says:

    Hey Roxanne, just wanted to say thank you so much for having me at All Creatures Great and Small. I had so much fun sharing my Roo Dog! Blessings from Texas!

  3. Caryl McAdoo says:

    Hey Donna! I’m so glad ‘Aunt Sharon’ told you I wrote! I’m so looking forward to the Texarkana when we can finally meet in person. We might just have to do some singing there – think anyone would object to a little praising God? Hugs from Clarksville, Texas! And thanks for your comment!

  4. Julie Pease says:

    Caryl – Loved Roo’s story and that you are his “chosen” family! I think he should have his own book series……