Writing Old Friends into a New Story by Lisa Belcastro — 11 Comments

  1. I had to put down my dog of 12 yes. He had cancer. I couldn’t bear watching him suffer any longer. It was the hardest decisions I ever made. I took three days off work to spend every hour with him and realized his pain was unbearable. I had to decide to love him more than the love I received from him and called the vet on the third day and said today or never. They arranged a private room at the end of the day and gave me some quite time with him. I held him close to my heart, while sitting in the floor with the vet by my side holding the needle with the lethal injection. He asked me if I was ready and I slowly nodded my head. As Moses went limp in my arms I cried and cried. I quickly turned to the vet and asked if he thought dogs went to heaven. With tears streaming down his face he nodded a yes. I have the urn with his ashes and I will carry them to heaven when I die.

    • Thank you for sharing that story Faye. I had nearly the same experience with my Bandit. A piece of me surely died with him. I buried Bandit next to my horse Zachary. They were buds, and I’m sure they are running around the fields of Heaven having a wonderful time together.

  2. Hi Roxanne,
    Thank you so much for having me back to visit. The blog looks awesome, as always! I love seeing the pictures of Spike, Bandit and Willow up on your page.

  3. I lost my best friend Selena 4years ago she was 14 I knew she was getting old but just couldn’t bear to put her down so one nite as I lay on the couch with her at my feet she gently passed away though it was hard I know she died doing what she loved most laying at my feet

    • A beautiful story Sara. How blessed you were to be with her when she passed. I hope you’ve found a new companion to share your heart with.

  4. When I was a freshman in college we took in a stray dag. He was part chow and part something. 😉 We named him Toro and all loved him. He was the first dog I actually loved and the first dog we had that was allowed in the house. He knew when someone was coming home even before the vehicle was in sight and he would run to the end of the driveway to wait. As soon as he saw the car he would take off running around the perimeter of the yard chasing any squirrel, bird or rabbit that dared step foot on the property, then dash in and out of the garage door–all as the car drove up the driveway. We always said he was checking to make sure everything was safe. 🙂

    I was working one day and during a break checked my email. I had graduated from nursing school and moved from OH to SC. In the email, mom told me that Toro had disappeared and they hadn’t been able to find him anywhere. My dad and brother checked the woods, the roads, and the buildings on the property, no Toro. I was devastated and started crying right there at the nurse’s station. We never did find out what happened to Toro and my parents never got another dog.

    I love that you wrote your pets into the story.

    • Oh, Carrie, how heartbreaking! I would have been crying too!! I don’t know that I’ll get another dog at this point. We’ve had two since Bandit, but I think he’s the one who stole my heart. We have cats now, and Ben is my best bud. Hoping he’s around for at least 20 years.

  5. I had a cat that showed up at my house when I was 15. She stayed with me for another 14 years. She was one special kitty. She was so lovable and sweet. She followed me everywhere I went. She even thought she was a dog. She dug holes in the yard, she had to be let outside to potty (sometimes she could open the door herself and go out), she growled at people if they touched her food (except me of course), and came to a whistle. Her best friend was my lab who was also my baby boy. She passed when he was 6, 10 years ago and he passed 2 years ago. The lab was so special to me too. He knew how to do so many tricks. He was sweet and loved his mommy unconditionally. Such great love!

    • I love that story Amy! Your cat sounds like she thought she was a dog. It’s awesome when cats and dogs are best buds. Spike and Bandit were a fine duo, always goofing off, and constantly trying to sneak up on the other one.

  6. Oh yes, the love of pets. 🙂 Growing up on a farm we had so many cats. I would always get attached to them and then cry when they died. Our indoor one was unique and special and finally passed away at a ripe old 19 years old. My heart breaks every time a pet passes. I almost refuse to get another one just so I don’t have to experience that again. Thank you for sharing with us!

    • It is so hard to experience the loss of a pet. We do become attached to them, and they are all unique and special. I’m praying Ben is with me for at least another fifteen years, hoping for 20. He writes with me, gardens with me, and curls up with me while I read. What’s not to love?!