ONE MORE DANCE, a new release, and a chance for prizes! — 22 Comments

  1. I like both a pretty,scenic view or a couple on the cover with a pretty view behind them representative of the story’s setting.

    I do not like inanimate objects on the cover.

  2. I like a charming setting in the background but prefer to see a face on the cover – can be a couple but I am drawn to people more than place.

  3. I’m drawn to scenic covers. I don’t care for people on the cover, especially faces, because my imaginations idea of how a character looks never matches the cover characters. ?

  4. A cover with horses on it will always get my attention… but then there had better be horses in the book!

  5. I am drawn to scenic covers, but I don’t mind characters on the cover as long as the scenic background corresponds with the story.

  6. I like a colorful cover with something on it that gives me a hint of what the story is about. Maybe a horse or a lighthouse.

    Does not need a person on the cover but it is helpful if we can see what they are wearing.

  7. I like to see a romantic couple on the cover. I read romance novels for the romance and love to see those looks of love! Bonus if the background is from the story. Double bonus if their wearing clothes described in the story.

  8. As long as they are pertinent to the story, I’m a big fan of scenes on covers. The exception is if it’s a cowboy book – then I want to see that cowboy! Horses and dogs on covers are also a big draw for me, but they have to be part of the story – not just there for attention.

  9. I like the idea of a cover of the hero and heroine with the backdrop of a scenic view which takes place in the book. And they should look like the characters in the book.

  10. Depending on the feel of the books/ series… I like both scenic covers and covers with the characters on them.

  11. Which cover styles attract you the most? I love couples on the covers <3
    A setting – beach!
    A couple on the beach is even better 🙂

  12. I much prefer a setting like a cottage, farm or water scene. I am not fond of book covers with people or couples.

  13. I like the cover to be about the book.
    But if I had to choose, scenic pictures, mountains and farms. Don’t care for beach scenes.
    People as long as it is the character of the book. Person with animal is good to.

  14. Scenic pictures, mountains and farms in the background with characters of the story on the cover also.

  15. I love cozy looking settings like a cottage in the woods or a picnic scene. Love scenes with pets in them too.