Margaret Daly, and “Fun with Cats!” — 5 Comments

  1. Waving hi, Roxanne and Margaret! I love your cat photos! Cats can be so funny, can’t they? We have two. Shelah-the-holy-terror and Bootsie, who’s getting to be quite elderly, but is experiencing a second childhood thanks to Shelah’s efforts to make him young again. She goes on the attack, and if he doesn’t stand up to her, she runs right over him and rolls him over and over. Aside from defending his dignity, Bootsie’s second childhood consists of him forgetting his earlier training regarding staying off the kitchen table. (Bad kitty!)

    Shelah loves my floor-length white cotton curtains! She attacks them and plays hide and seek in them, and TALKS to them…It’s a hoot! Bootsie is my little love-bug. He comes and curls up on my footrest (draped over my ankles) most days, and also comes and cuddles with me, sometimes on my lap.

    Yesterday, I found him sleeping on the bed, and the covers mussed. I went to straighten them out, and discovered that Shelah had burrowed under the comforter and was napping in the sheets! She was NOT happy with me for messing with her little nest! Silly cat.

    Just about anytime I leave them down here alone, when I return, they’ll be sitting at the french doors waiting for me. Anytime they think it will bring me back faster, one or the other will engage in the most heartrending performance of “Sad, SAD Lonely Kitty; Mama Please Come HOME!” that you’ve ever heard! (They take turns at this, and it keeps us all in stitches, though I try not to encourage it). Mostly when I’m here, though, they both ignore me.

  2. Hi Margaret! Love the pictures you have of your cats! Very funny! I like your stories too, Krysti. I’ve always grew up with cats around. Right now I have two female cats; one orange cat named Punkin and one gray cat named Sprinkles. Punkin is whom I call wacky cat because she’ll get to running around in the kitchen, is always in the bathroom playing in the sink whenever you’re trying to get ready in the morning and likes to sleep in her cat carrier. Sprinkles is our odd kitty; she sleeps on our direct tv box all the time, kitty treats are her life and she squeaks instead of meows. I love them dearly. Jenny

  3. Love it – your white cat is as big as my Bathsheba which is like your cat Pepper that is sitting in Christmas Village. My cat Precious who is all gray sits in my Christmas village. Sugar is my curious cat and we actually went through the paper bag thing with her just like you did.
    I love your books. May God continue to annoint you and use you in your writing. Please enter me.