Guest blogger: Cindy Gerard — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks so much for stopping in to blog here, this week! Your cats are adorable, and the book written to help our wounded soldiers was such a wonderful idea. Bravo to you and the other authors!


  2. Hi Rox
    Thanks for having me. We all love our critters and the chance to talk about them a little :o) And of course, I love letting people know about the SEAL project.

  3. I do not use my looks but I do smile or wink at my husband if there is something that I want and he almost always gives in:)

  4. Hi Cindy! I can’t remember ever using cuteness, but both of my boys sure did when they were little. They had their mom’s number from the moment they popped out. LOL

    And, thanks for thinking of the soldiers. My son is serving.
    PS-cute kitties….