From Condemned Dog to Story Star! — 8 Comments

  1. I love your cover!! And what a charming story about your dog Rascal. He is such a darling dog! We’re in the process of looking at shelter dogs, to add another to our household. That’s simply the best way to go!

  2. Hi, Roxanne! Thank you so much for hosting me today! I’m so excited and honored to share Rascal’s story with others who love critters. And bravo for you for considering a shelter dog for your family. All of my current doggie herd have had previous homes, but it hasn’t taken them too long to get me trained. 🙂

    And now that breakfast is done and my morning chores are done, my doggies are allowing me some time at the computer. So I’ll be back throughout the day to chat with commenters.

    I love hearing stories from others who have pets who came to them through a shelter or other unique ways. Please share your stories if you feel moved to do so!

  3. Cute cover! What a great story and great life Rascal found with you. My dad’s new dog came from a shelter. She’s a boxer/border mix. We were looking on the internet at the dogs available in his area and the minute he saw her photo he wanted to know more about her. We went to pick her up and discovered she was partial to women. So while I was at his house, I ignored her, making her go to him when she wanted attention or food. Now they are a great pair!

    The new book looks good! Wishing you many sales of both this book and the one that will help you live your dreams!

  4. Having met the menagerie who run Genene’s house, I can attest to the sweet disposition of Rascal. All her furry housemates are individual characters and so much fun to talk to and listen to. Great to see you’re writing about your ‘unique’ living situation. Best of luck self-publishing and wishing you a mountain of sales.