Dog, Cats, and a Visit with Author Merrillee Whren! — 8 Comments

  1. I think there's something wrong with children who weren't raised with pets. I can't imagine my life without them and I know that my kids feel the same. I think everyone who has had a pet has plenty of stories to tell about them. I loved hearing about yours 🙂

  2. It kind of "creeps me out" to walk into a house without animals in it.
    We lost a cat about 6 years ago, and our male cat started to pine away and lost 5 pounds or so. We picked up a new kitten and he put the weight back on and is "living large" now. She is mean as a snake though…

  3. Merrillee, your cat obviously likes to help you write your books!

    I had dogs all my life, but after our last standard poodle died we moved into a condo. As much as we miss having pets, the thought of walking a dog in the middle of a driving Ottawa snowstorm was too much to handle! So I have to get my pet fixes by visiting friends with pets and stopping every dogwalker I see on the street!