A dog named Blueberry…and a wonderful romantic suspense novel by Terri Reed! — 6 Comments

  1. You have a beautiful dog with lovely eyes. I used to have a Border Collie named Susie, loved and miss her. It’s funny but my family has said the same ,thing we’re just going to look. That never works! My husband and I went to a breeders house to look at Mini-Daschunds ( yeah right ). We picked out a blue dapple and there was no going back. Jenny

  2. Terri, I love your dog’s name!! And she is the prettiest Australian shepherd I’ve ever seen. Thanks so much for sharing your charming story about her.

    Your book sounds wonderful. We’re in a whirlwind of wedding preparations right now, but I really look forward to reading it!


  3. Jennifer, I never realized that daschunds came in different colors. Blue dapple sounds so pretty!

  4. Jenny, supposedly its rare for dogs to have two light blue eyes. Most aussies have one blue and one brown or both brown. I’ve seen a few dogs with two blue eyes but they are usually darker than Blueberry’s.
    She had a hard time seeing in daylight. But she sure can see at night.

    Roxanne, we named her Blueberry partly because she has a Blue Merl coat and has blue eyes. But also our neighbor at the time had a big golden retriever named Huckleberry. The kids thought it was cute to have a Huckleberry and a Blueberry in the neighborhood. We also went back for a red merl too and would have named him Strawberrry. But we decided we’d stick with the one dog for awhile. In a few moments when I come back I’ll tell you about the second dog we got five years ago.

  5. What a beautiful dog, Terri……….as beautiful as the cover on your book! lol
    We don’t have a pet at this time, and I miss that. Looking forward to reading your book!!