Mugsy, the most lovable dog–and Linda Goodnight’s newest book

The Love Dog
by  Linda Goodnight

Some couples celebrate a twenty-fifth anniversary with a new wedding ring or a trip to Hawaii. We celebrated with a new puppy. You see, my old rat terrier had died and I had mourned his loss deeply – so deeply that I refused to consider another dog for a long time. On our anniversary, my husband was gone most of the day and when he returned, he came into my office with something inside his jacket. When he took out the tiny rat terrier I fell in love.

Everyone that ever met Mugsy liked him. Neighbors would bring people over to watch him do tricks and climb trees. Children wallowed him without fear of a snap or growl. Dogs didn’t fight with him either, because Mugsy loved everyone. He simply refused to have an enemy. Even cats soon stopped hissing because he just kept on loving them until they loved him back. I guess there’s a lesson to be learned from that little dog. Keep on loving, even the unlovable. No one can resist love forever.

Mugsy’s gone now but we will never forget the little dog that loved so well. In my latest Love Inspired, THE LAST BRIDGE HOME, the heroine owns two rat terriers. Just for fun one of them is named Mugsy.

Love Inspired
February 2012

Zak to the rescue…..
Doing the right thing always came easily to firefighter Zak Ashford. So he can’t refuse taking in the dying wife he thought divorced him long ago—and watching over her three troubled children. The only person Zak can turn to is his cute neighbor, Jilly Fairmont, who helps him and the children through their loss. And not just because she secretly cares for Zak. Yet it isn’t long before Zak realizes what this honest, compassionate woman means to him, too. Can he convince Jilly that his life would be complete if she agreed to share his future?

Series:  Redemption River….where healing flows


THE LAST BRIDGE HOME  is available in bookstores everywhere, as well as,, barnesandnoble,com, and

Note from Roxanne:  I’m so happy that this book has hit the shelves!  Linda Goodnight is an “auto buy” for me, and I have loved every book in this series.  I read it in one sitting and was only sorry when I reached “The End.’  Don’t miss it!

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8 Responses to Mugsy, the most lovable dog–and Linda Goodnight’s newest book

  1. Rat terriers are such fun dogs! My sister has a dog that is part rat terrier. My sister is a grade school counselor and she used to bring the dog to school so kids could read to her. 🙂

    • Hi Julie,

      I pretty much love all dogs but ratties just work with my personality. They are so loving and yet they have that tough-guy-in-a-little body rattitude. Mugsy used to sit under my desk while I talked out loud to my characters–and never acted as if I was crazy at all! lol

  2. Loved this post! Mugsy sounds wonderful. And I agree with you, Linda. I think we can all learn a lesson from him. I picked up my copy for The Last Bridge Home at my Walmart and can’t wait to read it. I’ll be looking for Mugsy!

  3. Mugsy sounds delightful . . . what would we do without our pets? I ask as Talia, my Siamese, looks at me with pleading blue eyes.

    • Roxanne Rustand says:

      Thanks so much for the wonderful post, Linda! I wish I could have met Mugsy!

      • Hi Roxanne,
        Thank you for letting me blog about him on your site. I’ve had lots of dogs–have two now–but Mugsy was special.

        I love ths shots of your place and your horses. I don’t ride much but my husband and 15 year old daughter are horseman. Daughter never rode before we adopted her two years ago and now she’s a regular little ace on her palomino. (which I can’t spell obviously.) 🙂

    • Darlene,
      I have a part Siamese who is sitting right next to my chair as I type. My latest Rat Terrier, Rascal is sitting on the other side. Like Mugsy, he refuses to believe the cat doesn’t love him the way he loves her. lol So far, she is not buying it.

      Love your cat’s name!! Aren’t Siamese the most unique creatures?