Squirrels, puppies, and cats in the barn…. — 4 Comments

  1. Hey Rox. Congrats on the new blog. It looks wonderful!!
    As for our pets – animal or human? Are you kidding me? We live with two of the most spoiled house cats and a Brittany spaniel named Margaret who truly is like a little 2 year old child. We love them to death. As for the horses, I draw the line at bringing them inside :o)

  2. Margaret sounds like the sweetest dog. And some of the stories you’ve told about your animals have had me laughing for days afterward!

  3. My animals think they are human and I tend to agree with them. They are family and I prefer them to a lot of my human relations.

  4. LOL! When we got married, my husband didn't think we needed any pets. Little did he know. 🙂
    Now we've had a multitude, and he cherishes them as much as I do. He talks to the dogs all the time, and every single dog has totally gravitated toward him. 🙂