1. Hi Lyn, I loved reading about your cats – they sound beautiful. I love all animals but adore cats and feel life is only half lived without one of my own (at least one!)
    Your books sound wonderful, I will watch out for them.

  2. Hi, Lyn! I'm so delighted to have you appear on my blog!

    Lyn is one of my dearest friends. The highlight of my fall is when another friend and I go up to Lyn's home for a long weekend. We both wish she hadn't moved away, but we sure can see why–they live in the most beautiful area you can imagine!

    Their cats are the luckiest felines in the world, for they have a wonderful, loving home and endless birds to watch at the feeders just outside the window.

    If you have a little spot in your heart to share and a little extra room in your house–go to a shelter an adopt an adult cat. The little cuties find homes easier, but the adults will love you forever if given a chance for a forever home!

    And do look for Lyn's books. She is a wonderful story teller, and her current Texas series is excellent!


  3. I enjoyed Lyn's story about her cats and I really like her books and yours also Roxanne


  4. great story .. I love cats too. I grew up with cats especially dogs. It is unconditional love for all those kinds of the animals. Looking forward to read your historical book Lyn.

  5. Great story. I also love cats. I have one a rescue find under my daughter's house, mother died, he was about a week old we feed him a bottle, but he is a mean one, he is not a lap cat, he is black all over looks like a witch's cat. Some call him a devil cat, because he is so mean. You would think since all he has ever known was us he would be sweet, but you can't help but love him. He does think I am his mama.
    I love your books. Blessings

  6. We have two tuxedo cats. My daughter can not go to bed at night without one of them. Which makes for a frustrating evening if neither wants to come inside to be in her clutches all night.

    Look forward to getting to know you and your work. Will definitely look next time at Walmart. Take care