1. She's a little powerhouse. Soooo strong. When we get to babysit her I try to work on "sit" and "heel", but she can still nearly pull me off my feet. She needs obedience school! Still, I can't tell you how thrilled I am that she's now so healthy and strong and vigorous!

  2. Hello so glad the dog is doing well. I wanted to say what a lovely sight you have created, I love all the animal pictures and blue is my favorite color of all time. Sorry to see the jelly fish got you that is so not fun but still hope it was a good time. Happy Holidays and thanks for making such a wonderful blog. would like to subscribe to it but am blog challenged so could not figure out how. If you have a newsletter would also like to receive that. my email is

  3. Thanks for stopping in, eveyone! Hi, rm2h and starryann –I don't think we've met here, yet. Welcome!

    And gundiva–it's always wonderful to see you here. To anyone stopping by–be sure to check out gundiva's blog–she's got a wonderful blog going on her adventures with horses!

    Starryann, if you go to my website ( ) you can click on a link in the upper right corner for my newsletter. It is quite infrequent, so you won't have to worry about be deluged with e-mail–I promise.

    As for subscribing here, I think one may just need to click the "follow" button above the little patchwork square showing some of the followers, here.

    You may need to sign up for google (totally free, no obligations) in order to follow blogs like this one…but I'm not entirely sure.

    Can anyone answer this better than me? 🙂


  4. Thanks for the plug, Roxanne! I'm afraid to say that my posting is a little behind due to NaNoWriMo, but since I'm almost finished with my 50k, I should be getting back on track.