1. Quick uplifting story (Very long story cut very short)- Bill's mustang ran off with his saddle on and disappeared for ten days. One of the wranglers out on a ride finally spotted him, tied him up and ran back for help. He still had his saddle on, but had tried to rub it off on trees and had rolled it. He had unbelievable wounds across his withers and full-thickness wound beneath his right foreleg. Six months of TLC and Ranger was right as rain đŸ™‚

  2. Wow. I can just picture the stirrups catching on tree limbs and trapping him…or myriad other disasters. We've had horses who could find a way to be injured in a totally safe, three plank wood fenced corral without even a halter on!

    I'll bet you were all just stunned when the horse actually turned up after all that time. Who would've guessed?! I'm so glad he healed well and was okay after that!!


  3. Bill beat himself up pretty good about it, but we had an amazing old vet who assured him that wild horses have an unbelievable will to live. A domestic horse would have probably stove up and died within just a couple of days.

    How's little Abby?

  4. How is that precious little puppy doing? I said a prayer for her on Tuesday when I read about her troubles.

  5. Prayers and good thoughts for your sweet little
    grandpuppy Amy! What a wonderful vet you have!

    Pat Cochran