Have you lost a pet? — 7 Comments

  1. In 2003 I lost a my beloved Sheba, she was a Jack Russell Terrior. She was my best friend. I thought my heart would break, that cloudy, cold winter's day in Jan, she had liver cancer. She was only 5 yrs. old.Now due to my grands, I have a cat, whose Mom was killed.He's a mean little thing.Can't help but love them. Pets same to kept you in touch.

  2. April. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your Sheba. The devotion of our pets is so complete, and we love them right back, don't we? Maybe someday you'll hear about the just the right litle Jack Russsell at a shelter. Still, it sounds like you have a very spunky kitty, and they are wonderful, too! What color is he>


  3. Had to put down the all-time best dog in the entire world a few years ago. The decision wasn't hard to make – he had end stage renal failure – but the follow through sucked. I'm not at all looking forward to the day (many years from now, I hope) that I have to put my mare down. My hope is that she'll live forever, but since I bought her at eighteen, I've realistically only got ten or twelve years with her (optimism).

  4. Hi. Roxannee he is solid black.His name is Sassy because my Grandchildren named him. Which is really the right name for him. He is a little sassy. Can't help but love him, he has a mind of his own. Thanks for asking.Blessings.

  5. I still remember when we had to put down my Pomeranian 10 years ago. He was going into kidney failure and we didn't want him to suffer, but it was difficult. I was in college at the time but I remembered my dog being there all through middle and high school.