Author LENORA WORTH…..and Cujo! — 7 Comments

  1. Oh I love the picture of Cujo. Such a pretty kitty, I have a black cat too named Sassy, along with 4 others of assorted colors. I never thought about learning from them to write better suspense. What a cool idea! Thank you for sharing this insight.

    All the best,

    Kelly Ann Riley

  2. Oh, my, your the way your cat reacts to humans reminds me of a cat we'd take care of at the vet hospital I worked at in high school. If he got out, there'd be no hope of my catching him and putting him back in his cage. A big hissing fur ball that would lash out at anyone who tried to pick him up.

  3. Thanks for the comments. Cujo got stuck outside the other night–all night. She's been mad at all of us since. Poor baby. She's meowing for water right now.

    Lenora 🙂

  4. I love your cat I had one like it I had him for 23 years I sure miss him.

  5. Cujo knows where it's comfy, lol. What a great comparison; very interesting on the cat/suspense in a book.

  6. I would like to enter your book drawing. I saw the black cat photo. We have a black cat too.
    He can be as sweet as pie when he wants something…lol

  7. I also signed up to follow your blog. Found your blog on super authors newsletter.
    jhoorm01 at yahoo dot com