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Series: Northern Pines, Book 1
Genre: Clean & wholesome romance mystery
Tag: Womens fiction
ISBN: 9781393263265

How badly can a relationship be broken before there's just no chance to save it?


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About the Book

When veterinarian Kate Mathers drives past the scene of a terrible accident and sees two ambulances race away, she whispers a prayer for those involved, not realizing that it’s her husband’s car in flames down in the ditch, and that there was a dead woman in the car with him—a complete stranger. And now Jared is in the ICU on the verge of death, and only a miracle can save him.

She’s at his bedside, trying to face Jared’s precarious situation and also deal with the fact that someone is targeting both her husband and her veterinary practice, and wondering how the most perfect, joyous marriage could have gone so wrong. Or did it?

If only they can have one more chance to talk and to forgive, and one more dance in each other’s arms…

"A fabulous family drama"
– Harriet Klausner
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