THE OLD HORSE TRADER –Tale #7 — 3 Comments

  1. Wow. I can just imagine your poor mare trying to figure out why the swing set was chasing her!

  2. The story about the horse falling out of the trailer reminds me of a ride I went on in Arizona some years ago. While hauling the horses in a stock trailer, my horse loaded last, with much joking from all the other riders about how he would be the one to fall out. After the drive, we opened the door to the trailer and my horse was GONE! After a moment of stunned silence on everyone's part, we realized the door had been shut, and all of the horses were still tied into the trailer. My horse is a little guy and had managed to crawl under the next horses neck to change places with him. Must have heard us talking.
    Your swingset story is just priceless!
    Thanks for posting.

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