Riding over the horizon…in fear!

Meant to post this yesterday, but i spent the morning babysitting our grandpuppy Kobe, and watching over our son and DIL’s house while the carpet layers were there.  Afterwards, spent much of a lovely afternoon with our daughter–and during lunch, her new husband as well.  No time is better spent than the time we spend with family! So I am a day late here sharing that yesterday was our 36th anniversary.

Each year brings back memories of that day and many of the events leading up to it.  Larry and I met in college at a veterinary student  fraternity party, when my boyfriend was ignoring me.  Frustrated, at loose ends, I stood in the beer line for something to do (totally out of character for me–as I have always hated the taste of beer and never, ever drink it)  and Larry started up a conversation. A few days later we ran into each other on the steps of a classroom building.

We dated four years–took a while, because I was happily busy showing my horses and going to school, and had no thoughts about settling down. I love hearing stories about how couples met, and would love to hear yours!

Have you heard of the the “face blindness” concept?  It’s when a person doesn’t recognize people they should know–faces just don’t register.  I’m convinced I have it to some degree–especially in social situations when I have to introduce people to one another.  I freeze, and I forget the names!  I was in an absolute panic during the days before our wedding, and that morning my stomach was in knots.  I went out to ride my  green-broke filly that morning,  but I was dwelling on the thought of standing in a receiving line, trying to remember the names of friends and relatives and longtime neighbors.  All I could think of was that it would be a blessing if my horse went crazy, bucked like mad, raced over the horizon, and didn’t stop for….say,  two days.  I wouldn’t have to worry about the receiving line OR the wedding, then!

Well, just before the  ceremony started, I lost a contact lens–and had left my glasses at home.  Since I’m blind as a bat without contacts or glasses,  it was a dizzying experience walking down that aisle like a one-eyed pirate.  Somehow, I fumbled my way through the ceremony, and of course the receiving line was an experience, because I not only had to struggle for names, but had to squint at everyone to even see them.

Unbelievably, someone found my contact just before the reception, and so that went better.  As you can see in the photo, I was really, really trying to corral some of that slippery little fresh fruit onto my plate–though honestly, I don’t think i even ate a bite.  BTW, I think you can click on the photos in this blog (and all of the previous posts) to make the photos bigger and easier to see.

We enjoyed a great trip to the Tetons, my favorite place on earth, and here we are, all these years later–parents of three great kids, grandparents of three, and happily living in the country. Maybe my horse didn’t help me avoid the dreaded receiving line, but things worked out just fine.

So now….I would love to hear your own stories about  meeting your significant other, and your own wedding day–because I know things don’t always work out according to plan!

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