Author Melissa McClone: Miss Mousie needs help!

A special thanks to Roxanne for allowing me share Miss Mousie’s story with you!

In February 2012, I knew exactly what I wanted for Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t sweet smelling long-stemmed roses and melt-in-your mouth chocolates. I wanted to foster a senior cat from the local humane society. My husband thought I was crazy (i.e. crazy cat lady), but still he agreed.

I ended up with two foster cats, Crystal and Miss Mousie. Both adjusted quickly, as if they’d been part of the family forever. We didn’t know it at the time, but Crystal was ill and in March, as I held her, she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Miss Mousie, the older of the two, thrived until August, when she became ill.

Miss Mousie had always had polyps in her ears and needed daily eardrops. But her condition had worsened.

The vet said Miss Mousie needed a surgery called TECA (total ear canal ablation.) He’d spoken to a specialist. The estimate for the surgery on both ears—$5000.

The vet said if Miss Mousie didn’t have the surgery he would recommend humane euthanization due to quality of life, specifically pain.

I wasn’t about to let Miss Mousie die without trying to help her. West Columbia Gorge Humane Society (WCGHS), a 501(c)3 charity, gave me approval to fundraise for her surgery. That led to the creation of Help Miss Mousie (link:, a blog where people can donate to her medical fund. $5000 is a lot of money, but every donation, even $1 or $2, helps Miss Mousie.

Just think if 2500 people each donated $2, we’d hit our goal!

Help Miss Mousie also has a section called Authors & Their Cats. Cat loving authors have graciously contributed posts about their beloved felines to help Miss Mousie. Many include pictures! I hope you’ll stop by and get to know Miss Mousie and the other cats featured.


Melissa McClone

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