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This really IS a creature! What is it?!

This blog is about all creatures great and small  (at if you are reading this on Facebook) though that usually means pets, horses, and other familiar animals.  But this is creature I found on the side of our barn.  … Continue reading



Rebecca Booth is the winner of  author Delia Latham’s drawing.  Rebecca, you can contact her through her website at: to provide your mailing address. Congratulations! RoxanneThe  “All Creatures Great and Small”  blog

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Deborah Raney…pets galore!! And her latest book– Almost Forever

by Deborah Raney Growing up on a farm, I’ve owned and loved my share of cats. Imarried a man who wasn’t so crazy about those of the felinepersuasion–that is until I manipulated a birthday gift of a tinyblack kitten from … Continue reading

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Pure Animal Instinct and trust…

by Delia Latham My husband, Johnny, trudges across the front yard in his overalls and beat-up felt hat. Behind him, tails high in the air, three cats tag along in single file. Watching this little procession through my office window, … Continue reading