Final Chance  …an inspirational romantic suspense

Final Chance …an inspirational romantic suspense

Arson. Attempted murder. And Kris Donaldson is the prime suspect. Why won't anyone believe she's innocent?

After years on the run from an abusive ex, Kris receives an unexpected inheritance, an acreage in the Rockies near a small, quaint mountain town. It's her dream come true--a chance to establish an animal rescue and finally lead a peaceful life. Perhaps there's even a chance of forever-after with the intriguing rancher next door.

But her dreams might just prove fatal. A stalker will stop at nothing to destroy her new life. The threats are mounting. She's being framed for heinous crimes. Her reputation, happiness, and in the end, her life is on the line. As always, she can simply cut her losses and run. But this time, there's too much at stake.

This time, she's going to stay.

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Final Refuge  …an inspirational romantic suspense

Final Refuge …an inspirational romantic suspense

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Erin hopes she has found peace at last in a remote mountain town...until an intruder breaks in, but takes nothing.  Is this yet another warning?

Don't tell. He had taunted her for five long years with anonymous, untraceable threats on the anniversary of her high school friend's murder, but then the messages stopped.  She'd heard the leading suspect was dead. Maybe. But if he has found her again will he try to finish what he started so long ago?

And what's with the handsome guy who moved into the cabin next door? He seems so nice and thoughtful...but is he the very threat she fears?

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