The Minds of Animals, by author Mary Ellis

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Have you ever noticed that animals sometimes know who likes them and who doesn’t? I have been amazed how often they can tell friend from foe, or who happens to be afraid of them. Too bad we as humans don’t possess the same sixth sense.

In my latest book, A Little Bit of Charm, my character has just moved to her cousin’s organic chicken farm. Although Rachel adores horses and takes a job working with Thoroughbred race horses, she has never met a chicken she liked—except fried on her dinner plate with a side of coleslaw. Her cousin, Sally, loves her job and has several pet hens following her around the barnyard, clucking merrily. One of those chickens takes an immediate and irrational dislike for Rachel. The bird torments my heroine any time she comes near. Never enter the free-range enclosure with bare shins becomes Rachel’s hard-learned lesson.

In real life, my aunt had a wild crow that followed her around the neighborhood when she was a child. From telephone pole to treetop, “Blackie” would keep tabs on my aunt while she rode her bike, picked blackberries, or waded in the creek. Often he sat on her shoulder if she walked slowly and fed him cracked corn. However, my aunt’s girlfriend disparaged all birds as “dirty, disease carriers.” This friend didn’t fare so well when caught in Blackie’s territory. The crow often chased her down the path and once tangled his talons in her hair.

In my personal experience, I once invited eight ladies for a summer luncheon and game of croquet on the lawn. My neighbor, who decided to join the party late, arrived with her hundred-and-fifty pound dog. As you might guess, one of the croquet players was deathly afraid of dogs. And of course, Wolfgang ran straight for this unfortunate woman, causing a major case of anxiety.

How did he know? A better question might be how is it we don’t know when fellow humans have evil intentions. Perhaps we have something to learn from chickens, crows, and man’s best friends.

~Mary Ellis, author of A Little Bit of Charm
“The third in the beautifully written New Beginnings series continues the King sisters’ road to happiness after tragedy. The characters are well thought-out and each one is looking for a fresh start.”
4-stars RT Book Reviews

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A Little Bit of Charm
Mary Ellis
ISBN 978-0-7369-3868-6

A Dream Come True…
A Loss Like No Other…
Is the Price of Happiness Worth the Cost?

 Rachel King, still recovering from the death of her parents, watches both of her older sisters find happiness in homes of their own with husbands who adore them. She yearns for her own new beginning.

Her cousin Sarah lives near a Thoroughbred stable in Kentucky, and the opportunity to work around beautiful horses has always been Rachel’s dream. She leaves Lancaster County to find a home with Sarah and her husband, Isaac, wondering about God’s plan for her life. When a job at Twelve Elms Stables opens up unexpectedly, it seems as though He has answered Rachel’s heartfelt prayers.

Then she meets Jake Brady, one of the owners of Twelve Elms, and her life becomes complicated. He’s attractive and charming, and his interest in her is flattering. But he’s also English as well as her boss. And is his trust in God as central to his life as it should be?

When Amish men she meets at church and singings start pursuing her, Rachel has important decisions to make. What does a young woman do when her heart puts her faith in jeopardy?

“The third in the beautifully written New Beginnings series continues the King sisters’ road to happiness after tragedy. The characters are well thought-out and each one is looking for a fresh start.”
4-stars RT Book Reviews

Mary Ellis is the bestselling author of many books, including A Widow’s Hope, An Amish Family Reunion, and Living in Harmony. She and her husband live in central Ohio, where they try to live a simpler style of life.!/pages/Mary-Ellis

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  1. Roxanne says:

    Thanks so much for visiting, Mary. I so enjoyed reading your blog, and look forward to reading our book!


  2. Sally Shupe says:

    Loved hearing about this book! Dogs are very smart, as it seems crows are too lol. I’ve never had one of those follow me around. I had a pet cow on my grandmother’s farm. She would follow me around and I’d feed her apples. The bull would lay down in the grass so I could scratch him under his chin. He was like an overgrown dog! One of my earlier dogs, he was a mutt, was terrified of everybody. But my mother could come over, and he’d chase her down! She was so scared of him. I guess he knew! Thanks for the great post!
    tscmshupe [at] pemtel [dot] net