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Border collies & the Old West

Guest blogger Louise Gouge Have you ever come across an interesting piece of information that didn’t serve any particular use at the moment, but you enjoyed it? Maybe it was something you saw on television or in a magazine or … Continue reading


Teddy the bull mastiff…author Noelle Marchand, and A Texas Made Match

Today’s guest blogger is Noelle Marchand! Teddy was a lover not a fighter. Oh, he could put on a good show for the lawn mower, but when it came right down to it the Bull Mastiff with 100 plus pounds … Continue reading

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Jessica Nelson, and Love on the Range

Guest blogger Jessica Nelson writes.. As a child, I thought animals could understand me when I spoke to them. My mom’s boyfriend (who hailed from Florida) bought a chocolate lab he called Gator when I was in third grade. Gator … Continue reading